Microsoft Access hints and tips

These tips are for users and developers working in Access 97, Access 2000, Access XP and Access 2007. Microsoft Access is an easy tool for casual use at the desktop but is also a powerful relational database. Careful database design is needed to make the best use of it and we hope that these tips will help you get the best from Access.

These pages are not an Access tutorial, you will need to know something about the language to get the most benefit from the tips. They are provided for your guidance in database development rather than as solutions to particular problems. Refer to the Access Help system or MSDN for more detailed information about the commands used.

Hints and tips are listed here alphabetically under seven categories:

Code | Data | Forms | Miscellaneous | Queries | Reports | Visual FoxPro equivalents

Code and programs

Data and mdb files



Queries and SQL


  • Straight lines on Access reports.
  • Simple way to make a backup copy of a report or form.

Visual FoxPro equivalents to VBA commands

Training courses

If you need to know more about working with databases in Microsoft Access then Alvechurch Data run a series of workshops, tutorials and training courses to help you.