Access 2007 Trust Center

If you're trying to develop Access databases then the warning messages that Access 2007 displays about the dangers of macros can become irritating.

Security warning in Access 2007

It is however fairly easy to use the Trust Center to tell Access that the databases that it finds on your own PC can be trusted not to hold malicious code. In my case I do all my development work in a folder named Dev and I've set up the Trust Center so that it will not keep warning me about the VBA code that I'm trying to write.

The Trust Center

Start by opening the Access options dialog. Click the Office button then click Access Options in the bottom right of that window to open the dialog. There's a list of options in the left-hand pane of the dialog that opens. Select Trust Center from the list and then click the Trust Center Settings button.

Access 2007 Trust Centre

The next dialog shows you the locations that are trusted by Access. By default, the only entry is the folder holding the code for the Access Wizards. Click the Add new location... button to add a new location:

Access 2007 Trust Centre settings

In my case I know that I have many directories under C:\Dev so I ticked the Subfolders of this location are also trusted option on the new folder dialog to make sure that all of my databases would be classified as being trustworthy.

The next time that you open Access you'll be able to open your own databases without having to override the warning about the VBA macros.

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