FoxPro command line switches

Visual FoxPro can accept a number of command line switches. These are single-character codes which appear in the shortcut to VFP prefixed with a / or - character. As an example, either of these commands will open Visual FoxPro and bypass the usual splash screen:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8\vfp8.exe" -t


"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8\vfp8.exe" /t

Most of these switches can be applied to executables built in VFP. Some of them (for example -b and -c) require a filename. Do not leave a space between the character and the filename.

The following switches are useful - all can be given in upper or lower case:

Ignore the default settings from the configuration file and Windows registry. Useful when you have an application working on one PC but not on another.
Display a bitmap as a splash screen for an optional number of milli- seconds. This shortcut will run the executable of the webadmin application and display c:\web.jpg as a splash screen: for one second:

D:\webadmin.exe /bc:\web.jpg, 1000
Use another configuration file instead of the default config.fpw. This shortcut uses a local file named Config.Grf instead of the default Config.Fpw:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8\vfp8.exe"

More details on using this technique to control the FoxPro environment
Bypass the standard VFP splash screen.
Display all the command-line switches. This option only works with VFP.Exe itself, it will not work with an executable.