For loops in C# and VFP




For, Step, Loop, Exit, Next, EndFor

Both FoxPro and C# have loops which will run for a certain number of iterations but the syntax is very different.

C# Syntax Notes

The C# loop starts with the for and this is followed by three expressions in brackets:

for (int i = 1; i < 10; i++)

In this example:

  • the first expression initialises the loop counter to 1
  • the second expression controls the loop, running so long as i is less than 10
  • the third expression increments the counter by 1 at each iteration

Note that the loop counter i has been declared inside the loop control structure. It cannot be accessed from any code outside of the structure.

VFP Syntax Notes

Visual FoxPro uses the same syntax as Visual Basic. Original versions of FoxPro used to end the structure with an EndFor but VFP now accepts the same Next clause as VBA.

for i = 1 to 10
  ? i
next i

Visual FoxPro also has a For Each structure for working with arrays and collections.

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