Visual FoxPro Database Training

Database training courses cover Microsoft Visual FoxPro from VFP 3 to VFP 9. There is no fixed syllabus, each course is designed to suit the needs of your delegates, their level of knowledge at the start of the course and the level they need to achieve.

The outlines below are typical choices for three different types of delegate. We can run these courses as one-to-one tutorials, as workshops for small groups, or as formal classroom lessons for larger groups.

We provide free telephone and email support to help delegates for three months after the end of the course.

Introductory courses

Introductory course for staff who need to be able to use existing FoxPro databases for data entry and for simple search and reporting tasks.

  • Database concepts
  • Dbf, fpt, and cdx files; copying files and making backups
  • Using FoxPro with keyboard and mouse; Menu and Windows
  • Browse command; Memo fields
  • Searching for data; Viewing a selection of records
  • Adding and changing data
  • Deleting records
  • Queries with the Designer and with SQL code
  • Designing and printing reports
  • Putting it all together in simple programs

Intermediate programming courses

Intermediate course for staff who are experienced users of FoxPro and who have responsibility for the reliable and accurate storage and retrieval of information.

  • Designing a database; Relational concepts
  • Concatenated indexes; Multiple index expressions
  • Reporting from several databases; Groups and subtotals
  • Using SQL with cross tabs and subqueries
  • Copying data between Fox and other programs
  • Using the Menu Generator
  • Designing and running a form

Advanced programming courses

Advanced course for staff who are experienced users of FoxPro or are programmers in another language and who need to be able to develop complete database systems.

  • New features, Compatibility
  • Creating a database, Index keys, Integrity, Validation, Data buffering
  • Form and Control Properties, Data environment
  • Classes; Properties, Events, and Methods; Base Classes
  • Objects; Inheritance, Encapsulation
  • Container objects; Page Frames; Grid controls
  • Changing properties and running methods from code
  • Types of classes; Class Libraries; Using classes in code
  • Objects in program code; Protected properties and methods
  • Naming conventions

Earlier versions

We have been working with the FoxPro family for fifteen years and are still supporting databases which were written in Fox 2.00 for DOS and Fox 2.6 for Windows. If you are migrating from one of these legacy versions to Visual FoxPro then ask about a conversion course.

Client Testimonials

"Service contract management and invoicing have improved markedly over the last 12 months with Alvechurch Data's assistance & experience"
Will Farrell, Service Manager, Direct Air & Pipework, Coventry

"I just thought I would drop you a line to say thank you for the time you spent with us last month. Both Jackie and myself thought that the training was superb and were especially appreciative of the extent to which you tailored the course and the extra time you spent to help us with some of our more complex issues."
Thomas Still, Research Executive, Product Perceptions Ltd, Crawley

"Geoff Franklin proved to be very responsive to my request for urgent help with Access database information. He took me from a standing start to producing simple reports in 1 day and solved a long outstanding problem with extracting Foxpro based tables , which our reseller had failed to complete. At the end of the day we had a short usable outstanding Purchase Orders report - a first in 10 years! Highly recommended."
Bob Lock, Skyline Systems, Cheltenham

"As a trainer, Geoff Franklin has the rare skill of getting trainees to work through the material themselves without him taking over the keyboard. As a result they have confidence to apply the learning after the session."
Peter Jackson, Holly Training, Leamington Spa