Data security

We realise that your data is important to your business and we make every effort to ensure that any information you send us remains confidential. As soon as our work is finished we will delete your data from our computers.

We have to have examples of your data in order to be able to develop and maintain your database and this data must be realistic and consistent. We can do some tests by filling tables with random data but the reports that we draw from this random data won't make any sense. For the final tests we must have realistic data.

Having said that, there is no need for us to have all of your latest, most up-to-date information. We can design, test and demonstrate the database working from a small selection of your data from several years ago.

Personal data

We also recognise the more sensitive issues that arise when our clients ask us to work on databases which hold personal information. If your database comes under the jurisdiction of the Data Protection Act then we will discuss how both of us can fulfill our obligations under this Act. We might for example take a selection of your data and then randomly shuffle first and last names, addresses and phone numbers so that none of the individuals involved would be identifiable from the records.

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