Using NotePad++ and FireFox together

Select Launch in FireFox from the Run menu or press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+X to open this page in FireFox.

Rearrange your screen so that FireFox and NotePad++ are both visible then change the body of the web page to read "This new text will appear on the page.".

Note that an asterisk appears in the NotePad++ title bar and a yellow bar appears alongside the line you've altered.

Press Ctrl+S to save the file.

Both the asterisk and the yellow bar will disappear.

Remember to save your file (Ctrl+S) before trying to run it in the browser. FireFox and NotePad++ are separate applications and FireFox can't see the changes in NotePad++ until you save them to disk. It would be nice if your file were to be saved automatically when you open the browser but this doesn't happen.

Press Alt+Tab to switch into FireFox then press F5 to refresh the page.

You do not need to open and close NotePad++ and FireFox every time that you make a change. You will work more quickly if you keep them both open on screen all the time.


In general these notes will describe the keyboard shortcuts rather than the toolbar options. You will be able to work much more quickly if you can keep your hands on the keyboard.