Visual FoxPro tips for database developers

Foxpro is a mature development tool. It's been around for twenty years so there's a lot to learn for anybody new to the language. We hope that these tips help you explore some of the features of the language.

Compatibility has been maintained as FoxPro has developed. Some of these tips are specific to Visual FoxPro 9 but many can be applied to all versions of VFP and to the earlier FoxPro legacy systems from the Windows and DOS versions.

These pages are only meant as hints, not as full tutorials. They are a guide towards a solution rather than being solutions in their own right. Use them with the VFP Help system to decide whether they are suitable.

There are seven broad categories here and pages are in alphabetical order within each category.

VFP Code | FoxPro to C# conversion | FoxPro Data | VFP Forms | Miscellaneous | VFP Queries | FoxPro to Visual Basic conversion

Code and programming

C# equivalents

Data and databases

  • Checksum to improve data security.
  • Clipboard data storage in Visual FoxPro.
  • Copy FoxPro data to delimited text files.
  • Lotus Approach data in Visual FoxPro.
  • Merge data into text files
  • ODBC connection to a SQL Server database.
  • OLEDB connection string.
  • Scan and process a FoxPro table.
  • Upsize to Microsoft SQL Server.



Queries and SQL

Visual Basic equivalents to Visual FoxPro commands

Training courses

If you need to know more about database development we run a series of FoxPro workshops, tutorials and FoxPro training courses to help you.

MS Access technical help

Visual FoxPro technical help

General Tips


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