St Laurence Bell Fund

The bells of St Laurence church in Alvechurch, Worcestershire date from 1711 and have been ringing across the village for nearly 300 years. There are eight bells ranging in weight from 4 to 12 hundredweight (200 to 600 kg) and the ringers of St Laurence ring them in the traditional English pattern of Change Ringing.

  [Closeup of the canon on a bell]

The bells have survived three centuries but are showing signs of wear and we need to raise £60,000 to have them repaired and refurbished. The work is expensive because we have to retain as much of the eighteenth century structure as we can. These pages describe the problems we are facing, the work that we need to do, and the progress we've made towards raising the money.

Future Events

We have a full season of events planned for the next 12 months. More details here and around the village closer to the date.


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The Bell Fund is raising money on behalf of St Laurence Church. We are working under the following Terms of Reference.

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